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  • 1 Dec 2020

In our second edition of the Compass, we’re inviting you to look beyond the headlines; and get to know the generation who’ll shape the next election in Kenya.

As you’ll read, young Kenyans are proving that they’re overwhelmingly committed to supporting their communities; that they’re increasingly eager to personally participate in local governance and to upholding their democratic right to vote.


In Kenya today, three in five people are under the age of 25.1 In just a few years, they’ll be the majority of the country’s working-age population and its electorate.

This generation are Kenya’s present and its future. Ensuring that they’re able to contribute to all the ways their communities and their country are run is essential. And research shows that when young people are engaged, flourishing cooperation, trust, economic development and democracy all follow.

In this edition of the Compass, we put aside old stereotypes, and introduce you to a generation of young people who are overwhelmingly committed to supporting their communities and upholding their democratic rights. A generation who are eager to share their experiences and ideas – and who have a growing sense of the personal contribution they can make to their communities.

We’ll see that COVID-19 has acted as a ‘flashpoint’ moment. Similar to an election year, the pandemic has reinforced young people’s existing frustrations and dissatisfaction with politics – while engaging more young people in conversations about policy and governance. Like all flashpoint moments, the pandemic has both created an opportunity – to capitalise on young people’s increased engagement – and a risk – that their increased engagement might turn to anger or disillusionment.

Kenya has a national election on the horizon, but as we look ahead to 2022, we’re reminded that healthy democracies aren’t just about politics or government – they’re built around connected, networked communities. And in this Compass, we hope to highlight that, if we act now, the positive contributions this generation can make will extend far beyond the ballot box.

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