Do you believe the children are our future? The World Bank asked us to find out… [ARCHIVE]

  • Governance
  • 29 May 2015

In early 2015 the World Bank approached Well Told Story to look at Kenyan youth and government. The brief was GroundTruth: understand what young people are thinking and feeling two years after devolution transformed the way government works in Kenya.

Two months of youth-led debates, round-tables, one-on-ones and workshops followed across the country, looking at government through the eyes of young people – and at young people through the eyes of government.

This slideshow of summary findings reveal a picture of Kenya’s new political landscape, exposing the fragmentation of young people’s opinion and some of the urgent challenges to the democratic promise of devolution.

Young people, Democracy and Governance in Africa

Young & Kenyan

7 Years, 13K interviews

An essential guide to the trends that will shape their future