2 MILLION COMICS & IT’S JUST THE BEGINNING: Shujaaz launches in Tanzania [ARCHIVE]

  • 20 Dec 2015

Shujaaz Tanzania has been quietly spreading across the country since February 2015. The first Shujaaz comics appeared free inside the Mwanaspoti newspaper for testing and prototyping, then a few months later we added the national Coca-Cola network as an additional distribution system, adding more and more areas and comic books to the distribution every month.

Alongside the comic books, the star of the story, DJTee has been building the audience for his FM radio show, firstly online, and then on the massive youth-friendly FM station East Africa Radio. And all the time DJTee’s Shujaaz fans across Tanzania have been reaching out to engage him with over 55,000 friends already on Facebook (DJTee255) and thousands more connecting by SMS, on Instagram and on Twitter.

As the December 2015 comic book went to print we reached the 2,000,000 Shujaaz comics-in-circulation milestone and marked this momentous occasion with an official launch party. The Shujaaz team and a wide community of friends, partners and guests crowded the National Museum in Dar es Salaam. Represented were key founding Shujaaz partners Coca-Cola, Mwanaspoti, East Africa Radio, the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, Twaweza, Jamana printers and countless others from the media, entertainment, development and private sectors in Tanzania.

In December 2015, together with our friends at Coca-Cola and Mwanaspoti, we’ll distribute a special holiday edition of over 600,000 Shujaaz comic books countrywide in Tanzania. From January 2016 we’ll settle on a monthly edition of half-a-million, aiming to reach every corner of the country consistently each month with the unique Shujaaz mixture of potent, life transforming multi media.

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