The Superpower of Story; Shujaaz Inc at COP28

  • 28 Nov 2023

On Tuesday, 5th December, Shujaaz Inc hosted an event at COP28 in Dubai.

Our event ‘Changing the narrative in Africa with Shujaaz Inc: How storytelling shapes our future’ was part of the People and Planet series from Expo City Dubai.

We explored how Shujaaz has harnessed the power of mass-media and story to reach, engage and activate millions of young people in East Africa, and were joined by a panel of Africa’s leading storytellers for a conversation about how storytelling – from pop-culture to news media – can help build the future we need. 



Our all-star panellists shared incredible insights and reminded us all that when we unleash the right stories into the world, incredible change happens.

🌟’ We’ve already seen the power of story to help re-write the operating systems of our cultures – that at one stage seemed unmovable…it’s time to meet the moment we’re in. The future depends on the stories we tell today.’ Nya Mona Muchemi, Shujaaz Inc

🌟‘We know several things to be true – the power of storytelling for impact. It might be negative impact, but we also know that it can be leveraged for immense good, to challenge norms and model new ways of being that will shape our future’ Aissatou Bah, Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation

🌟– ‘If storytelling for the individual is the vehicle, then collaborations and partnerships are the fuel that just propels the whole thing forward’ Stephanie Ndlovu, MTV Staying Alive Foundation

🌟 ‘The stories of two girls, ten years ago shaped the work that I do now…that’s the power of an individual story.’ Janet Mbugua, Inua Dada Foundation

Our Programmes and Partnerships head, Nya Mona, was also on a panel about Storytelling for the planet with Shujaaz Inc and Pluc TV.

🌟 ‘This week we’ve had people from BAFTA, Netflix and Shujaaz Inc – from Tuvalu to East Africa, the US and India. And we’ve learned three things – we need to; change the storytellers; production houses need to make more space for climate storytellers; we need mechanisms to ensure storytellers can make a decent living’ Tamseel Hussain, Pluc TV

🌟’It’s simple. We need more hero stories – more optimism and more hope’ Colin Butfield, Studio Silverback

We were honoured to bring the superpower of story to COP28 and spark conversations on how stories can unlock real change in Africa and worldwide.

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