Shujaaz Inc is B Corp Certified

  • 8 May 2024


Two and a half years ago, we started the (slightly daunting!) process of applying for B Corp certification – the gold standard in social, environmental and governance impact. Had we known exactly how involving this process was going to be, we may not have taken it on!! But, today we can finally say that it was worth it. Shujaaz Inc is officially B Corp certified.

We have learnt a huge amount along the way. Since day one, our social impact has been baked into every element of who we are, what we do, and why we exist. However, this process has helped us think about the 360° of our impact—not just how we can break down barriers for young people but how we can be a force for good for the planet, our team, and the communities we serve.

The B Corp process and its industry-leading measurement frameworks have helped us to identify areas where we are performing well against international benchmarks (for example, on the health, welfare and career development of our team) and areas that we need to work on (like our environmental stewardship).

Getting certified is only the beginning. To ensure that Shujaaz Inc continues to grow as a business that is a force for good in every sense of the word – we’ve set up a cross-departmental ‘B Corp Squad’ to create a 3-year plan to ensure that by 2027, when we re-certify were hitting higher scores across all areas of our impact.

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