THE GUARDIAN SAYS WE’RE SETTING TRENDS FOR 2016: Well Told Story is highlighted in advice for NGOs by the influential Guardian Development Professionals blog [ARCHIVE]

  • 8 Jan 2016

Well Told Story’s (Shujaaz Inc) unique approach has been highlighted in advice for NGOs featured on the influential Guardian Development Professionals blog. The top tip on their New Year post “Six Communications Trends NGOs should pay attention to in 2016” uses Well Told Story as a best practice example: “Digital first but don’t forget the personal touch.”

Our Shujaaz production teams having been using ‘offline’ comics to capture young people’s imagination since 2010 – always alongside digital and SMS channels. Now we are using social media, Whatsapp and other online channels as ways to co-create content with Shujaaz fans across Kenya and Tanzania. Meanwhile our consulting teams always preach the mantra of “digital by default” in their strategic advice to partners, but never to the exclusion of tried and tested, face-to-face engagement.

2015 was another award winning year for Well Told Story (Shujaaz Inc), so it is great to start 2016 with plaudits for our innovative use of communications tools and theory.

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