HOT OFF THE PRESS: Shujaaz features in national media [Archive]

  • 9 Mar 2018

In the space of 1 week Kenya’s two leading national papers, The Nation and The Standard, have referenced Well Told Story’s annual ‘state of the youth report’.

Both articles acknowledge the challenges Kenyan youth are facing in a worsening economy (Shujaaz youth said an increasing cost of living and growing unemployment were the two most pressing problems in their lives) and both articles make compelling arguments for ensuring that youth are invited to co-create solutions to these challenges.

YOUTH & GOVERNANCE: to read The Nation article about the importance of ensuring that youth are at the “front and centre” of government development plans click here

YOUTH & AGRICULTURE: to read The Standard article where Kenyan celebrity Juliani makes an impassioned call for youth to be exposed to opportunities in the agriculture value chain, click here.

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