Youth Pulse | Young Kenyans’ on Gen-Z protests, finance bill and hopes for the future 

  • 4 Jul 2024

Our latest ‘pulse-check’ report unpacks young people’s experiences and perspectives on this new wave of protests in Kenya. What surfaces is a generation of young people who see the recent protests as the ‘last resort’ response to corruption in government.   

We’re excited to share an important new report with you, which will give you a quick on-the-ground guide to what’s going on for young people during this unprecedented time in Kenya. 

Kenya has a proud history of protests in democratic change, but the recent Gen-Z demonstrations’ scale, speed and impact have taken much of the nation by surprise. The 2024 Finance Bill was the catalyst for the latest youth protests. But what does this “leader-less, tribe-less and fear-less” campaign mean for young people across the country?  

To find out, we tapped into Shujaaz Inc’s national network of young people to speak with Kenyans aged 18-34 and take a pulse check of current sentiments. 


This Youth Pulse builds on the data and insights from our flagship Young & Kenyan digital report. It’s also part of our long-running partnership with the United Nations in Kenya. Together we’ve been mapping the hopes and aspirations of young Kenyans, as the country gears up for an important role in the United Nations Summit of the Future in September 2024, with a spotlight on “future generations”. 


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