Consultant: refining our blueprint for social change

  • 5 Oct 2021

About Shujaaz Inc

We are Shujaaz Inc, a network of social ventures based in Nairobi, Kenya. We believe this generation of young people can transform our global society for the better – that’s why we work to break down barriers so that young people can take control of the future.

Our Emmy-award winning team of 60 young East Africans run our three social ventures; our multimedia youth platform Shujaaz, East-Africa’s biggest youth brand; Hustla MBA, our digital learning community and our newest venture, a digital networking platform, set to launch in 2020.

Our social ventures inspire, entertain and mobilise 9.5 million 15-24-year-olds across East Africa. Our network connects young people with the information, skills and resources they need to take control; embedding them in a digital and real-world community that gives them the self-belief to succeed, in their context and on their terms.

Since launching in 2009, we’ve proven that when young people take control of their lives, they create transformational change. Regularly engaging 71% of young Kenyans and 15% of young Tanzanians, our network of social ventures creates internationally recognised impact.

Fans in our network are taking control:

  • Digital fans in our network earn $21 more per month than non-fans
  • Digital fans in our network are 43% more likely to use condoms than non-fans
  • Urban teenage girls in our network are 2.4x more likely to delay childbirth than non- fans
  • Urban teenage girls in our network are 2.7x less likely to marry in their teens than non-fans

Our work is powered by the brands, partners and investors who share our belief that this generation of young people can transform society for the better. Together, we’ve co- created barrier-breaking solutions to some of the globes most intractable challenges.

Consultancy Overview: Developing the ‘Shujaaz Blueprint’

We set up our multi-media youth platform Shujaaz, our namesake and our first venture, in 2009. Today, Shujaaz has 7.7 million comic book readers, 3.7 million social media followers and receives over 30,000 SMS messages every month. Shujaaz is East Africa’s biggest youth brand and it sits at the heart of our network.

Now running for more than a decade, Shujaaz is also a unique case study for the power of mass-media to drive positive social and behavioural change. Over the last five years, we’ve worked with international universities and external academics to measure, test and track our theory of change and our impact, publishing a range of academic papers, with an emphasis on our impact on sexual reproductive health and financial fitness behaviours.

We believe Shujaaz can provide valuable insights, evidence and a blue-print model for the Social and Behaviour Change Communications sector, and more broadly for the media/culture for social change space.

To kick-start that work, we’re seeking the support of an external consultant to help us to develop that blue-print of insights and tools; by stress-testing, interrogating and distilling our existing theory of change, research and learnings, in a focused three-month project.

Objectives of Project

The objective of the assignment is to review and stress-test the Shujaaz Inc Theory of Change (TOC) and accompanying academic impact papers, and support us with the development of the Shujaaz ‘blueprint’ for driving social, behavioural and norm change outcomes through mass-media and storytelling.

The consultant will collate all Shujaaz research, stress-testing it against industry research, working closely with our Head of Strategic Communications to organize and distill it into a comprehensive and applicable ‘blue-print’ for SBCC sector. The consultant will support Shujaaz Inc to produce a well designed, shareable ‘blueprint’ (format to be agreed) that will allow the learnings of Shujaaz to be applied by other organisations in the sector, and in other contexts.

The Consultant will support Shujaaz Inc by:

  1. Conducting a stakeholder mapping workshop, alongside Shujaaz Inc senior team and key partners, to identify and align on who the audience of the blueprint will be, and agree on format and dissemination strategy.
  2. Leading on the review, revision, refinement and modification of the existing TOC to define the maximum standard that can satisfy a range of stakeholders identified in #1 and ascertain that the TOC meets the standards of these stakeholders
  3. Reviewing of existing Shujaaz Inc knowledge (academic publications, white papers, insights & recommendations on how behaviour change happens – attitudes, stigma, conversations, norms), make and show the connections, organize it in a comprehensible way and document it into a well-designed, sharable document.
  4. Probing, challenging, scrutinizing and holding the Shujaaz Inc team accountable for the existing TOC from an external person point of view, and against external expert scrutiny
  5. Advising on the key component(s) of the TOC that is most critical for change to happen, what theories exist globally that offer alternative perspectives to the Shujaaz Inc TOC and the available opportunities to improve the TOC.

Scope of work





The duties of the consultants will include:

  1. Facilitate stakeholder mapping workshops with the Shujaaz Inc team to identify and map out the audience for the blueprint
  2. Carry out a need’s assessment for a Shujaaz blueprint; including the optimum format and outputs for the blueprint
  3. Carry out key informant interviews with Shujaaz Inc leadership, the Shujaaz Inc team and stakeholders
  4. Carry out a desk review of existing work in the SBCC space
  5. Review existing Shujaaz Inc knowledge (academic publications, white papers, insights, knowledge & recommendations, attitudes, stigma, conversations, norms)
  6. Review the Shujaaz Inc Theory of Change and stress-test it against existing work in the SBCC space so as to make recommendations on a blueprint that would set a new standard for the sector
  7. Facilitate design thinking workshops with the Shujaaz Inc team to develop the Shujaaz Inc blueprint iteration
  8. Develop the Shujaaz SBCC blueprint
  9. Facilitate internal sessions to develop a dissemination strategy for the blueprint

Expected outputs




The key deliverables from this assignment will be:

  1. A refined and modified Shujaaz Inc Theory of Change
  2. A complete Shujaaz Inc blueprint
  3. A dissemination strategy for the blueprint, including agreed formats of the blueprint

The consultant will report to the Head of Partnerships & Programmes. The consultant will provide electronic versions of all material to the Head of Partnerships & Programmes (P&P), the Head of Knowledge & Learning (K&L), the Head of Strategic Communications and the Account Manager, Health.

Shujaaz Inc roles and responsibilities


The client will avail the following:

  • All material on Shujaaz Inc relevant to the assignment
  • Key Shujaaz Inc team will avail themselves for meetings and workshops as required and as advised in advance by the consultant.
  • An internal coordinating team made up of the Leadership Team members from Media, K&L and P&P. This will include weekly check-ins
  • Introduction and access to Shujaaz stakeholders

Shujaaz Inc will provide external design and copywriting support for the production of the finished blueprint if needed.

Duration of services

The consultancy assignment is expected to start by 25-10-2021 and should take approximately 3 months. This is subject to change based on new developments and shall be discussed and agreed with the consultant.

Payment terms

Consultancy fee payment will be aligned to the expected outputs/deliverables and part payment will be made on completion and submission of deliverables for each milestone. The breakdown of the payment milestones will be agreed upon confirmation of the scope and actual expected deliverables. All payments will be subject to Government of Kenya taxes.

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