Consultant: Creating a Strategic Plan for Shujaaz Inc

  • 9 Dec 2021

About Us

We are Shujaaz Inc, a network of social ventures based in Nairobi, Kenya. Our social ventures inspire, entertain and mobilize 9.5m young people across East Africa, engaging 71% of 15-24-year-olds in Kenya, and 15% in Tanzania. Our Emmy-award winning team of 60 young East Africans run our three social ventures:

  • Shujaaz, our multimedia youth platform and East-Africa’s biggest youth brand
  • Hustla MBA, our innovative peer-to-peer training venture
  • MESH, an online community for entrepreneurs, launched in beta in 2021

Our network connects young people with the information, skills and opportunities they need to take control; embedding them in a digital and real-world community that gives them the self-belief they need to succeed, in their context and on their terms.

Everything we do is grounded in research; our in-house research team, our unique GroundTruth research techniques ensure that we understand what’s really going on for young people in East Africa.

Since launching in 2009, we’ve proven that when young people take control of their lives, they create transformational change. Our network of social ventures creates internationally recognised impact; digital fans in our network earn $21 more a month and are 43% more likely to use condoms than non-fans. Similarly, urban teenage girls in our network are 2.4x more likely to delay childbirth, and 2.7x less likely to marry in their teens than non-fans.

Consultancy Overview: Shaping Shujaaz’s Long Term Strategy

We set up our multi-media youth platform Shujaaz, our namesake and our first venture, in 2009. Today, Shujaaz has 7.7 million comic book readers, 3.7 million social media followers and receives over 30,000 SMS messages every month. Shujaaz is East Africa’s biggest youth brand, and it sits at the heart of our network.

Like many organisations around the word, when COVID-19 hit East Africa, we closed our offices and had to find a new way of working while continuing to deliver our ambitious commitments (to our youth audience, to our partners and to the business) and ensuring that everything we did took into account the restrictions, risks and realities of a global pandemic.

We are very proud that not only did we achieve our 2020 goals while surviving the impact of the pandemic, but, as a result of the investments we made in 2019 to strengthen and better understand our purpose, processes and theory of change, we thrived.

The Shujaaz team have spent the majority of 2021 restabilising the business and embedding the new, exciting learnings from 2020 into our operations.

We now need to look further ahead and build a robust, exciting longer-term strategy to ensure Shujaaz’s growth, resilience, agility and impact in an ever-changing landscape and in the face of increasing competition.

To kick-start that work, we’re seeking the support of an external consultant to help us to develop our next 3+ year strategic plan by bringing expertise and strategic oversight to the process.

Objectives of Project

The objective of the assignment is to develop an informed and thorough 3 year business strategy fully aligned to Shujaaz Inc’s vision, mission, values, financial goals and culture. The consultant will be tasked to assess which tactics are best able to help Shujaaz achieve these goals and in what order.

Expected outputs




The key deliverables from this assignment to include:

  • Final Strategic Plan document that includes:
    1. Stakeholder engagement overview
    2. Competitor Analysis
    3. An agreed articulation of what the future looks like for Shujaaz
    4. A strategic action plan that the team can track progress against
    5. KPI’s that align with the strategic plan
    6. Budget

The consultant will report to the Managing Director.

The consultant will provide electronic versions of all material to the Managing Director.

Shujaaz Inc roles and responsibilities




The client will avail the following:

  • All material on Shujaaz Inc relevant to the assignment
  • Key Shujaaz Inc team will avail themselves for meetings and workshops as required and as advised in advance by the consultant.
  • Introduction and access to Shujaaz stakeholders

Shujaaz Inc will provide external design and copywriting support for the production of the final documents if needed.

Duration of services

The consultancy assignment should take approximately 3 months with a hard deadline of 15th March 2022. This is subject to change based on new developments and shall be discussed and agreed with the consultant.

Payment terms

Consultancy fee payment will be aligned to the expected outputs/deliverables and part payment will be made on completion and submission of deliverables for each milestone. The breakdown of the payment milestones will be agreed upon confirmation of the scope and actual expected deliverables. All payments will be subject to Government of Kenya taxes.

Interested in applying? Please submit a proposal of no more than 6 pages by 31st December 2021. We look forward to hearing from you.

Shujaaz Inc is an equal opportunity employer.

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