• 14 Jun 2022

About Us  

We are Shujaaz Inc, a network of social ventures based in Nairobi, Kenya. We believe this generation of young people can transform our global society for the better – that’s why we work to break down barriers so that young Shujaaz (heroes) can take control of the future.   

Our Emmy-award-winning team of 60 young East Africans run our three social ventures; our multimedia youth platform Shujaaz, East Africa’s biggest youth brand; Hustla MBA, our peer-to-peer training venture and MESH, the first online community for entrepreneurs in the informal economy.  

Our social ventures inspire, entertain, and mobilise 9.5 million young people across East Africa, engaging 71% of 15-24-year-olds in Kenya. Our network connects young people with the information, skills, and opportunities they need to take control; embedding them in a digital and real-world community that gives them the self-belief to succeed, in their context and on their terms. 


What is MESH 

MESH is a new venture, part of the Shujaazinc network. We are an online community for serious young people in biz. 

Mesh is the first online community for entrepreneurs in the informal economy. Every year, millions of young people enter the job market with little hope of finding formal employment. In Kenya, less than 10% of this year’s 1 million school leavers will get a white-collar job. As a result, aspirations are turning to small businesses in the informal economy. Young people are becoming entrepreneurs – and they have incredible potential. They earn double that of their peers, create work for others, and are responsible for 41% of Africa’s GDP. They engage in society more too. They’re 79% more likely to use financial services, 29% more likely to save, and more likely to vote. Despite this, they face significant barriers. Their networks are limited, loans are out of reach, and they aren’t able to access useful relevant training.  

Mesh is changing things. Launched in 2021, it’s the first online community for entrepreneurs in the informal economy. We already host over 100,000 MESHERS and we are set to scale. We connect members, create opportunities, and unleash the shared value in data to drive stronger economies and stronger social cohesion. Through MESH, millions more young people can take control of their future.  

Our target audience is young people (18-35 years old) in the informal sector who are managing multiple hustles – e.g., selling secondhand clothes, selling fruit and veg, photography, online influencer – and are trying to grow their micro-business. They are digitally savvy smartphone users.  


MESH Marketing & Communication team is currently looking for a super star Community Host to join the team. The Host will be responsible for community management on the platform, particularly dedicated to managing opportunities with our corporate partners. 

MESH partners with corporates and other organizations who wish to post opportunities that are relevant for our MESHers, such as gigs, mentorship, content, or other activities that MESHers can sign up to. The Host will be responsible for community managing these opportunities on the platform, raising awareness, driving consideration and conversion, managing MESHers’ applications and providing support.  

The Host will be a core member of the Marketing & Communication team, reporting to the Senior Manager, and will work closely with the product team during the pilot phase of an opportunity.  


  • Every time a new corporate partner is onboarded on MESH and new opportunities are to be published, work closely with the commercial team (or the Product team in the pilot phase) to understand what the opportunity is about, the client’s needs, the profile of MESHers who are likely to be interested in the opportunity and how to best position the opportunity to translate into take up.  
  • Develop content plans relevant to each opportunity to raise awareness and drive consideration and conversion for MESHers to take part in the opportunity. 
  • Ensure content plans are reviewed and approved on time.  
  • Brief and manage graphic designers and content producers to ensure planned content is produced and approved on time as per the content plan and content strategy, and in line with MESH brand identity and guidelines.  
  • Conduct all community management activities as per the content plan for each opportunity, across channels, including outside (e.g., social media channels) and inside MESH (e.g., newsfeed, notifications, SMSs, DMs, open/closed MESH groups).  
  • Ensure all copywriting is on brand, engaging and conveys the message effectively  
  • Provide timely support to MESHers who are actively taking part in opportunities.  
  • Ensure comments and queries relevant to each opportunity are answered as per SLA across all channels.  
  • Prepare weekly reports on how opportunities and opportunities-related content are performing and sentiment analyses; share learnings on what is working and not working with each opportunity and how the success rate could be improved.  


Do you want to be part of a young start-up, and work in a lean, dynamic, and creative team? Do you love rolling up your sleeves, spending time with users on the ground and unlocking invaluable user insight that will contribute to building a star product? Do you want to be part of the early journey of building a truly innovative product for young micro-entrepreneurs? Do you care about impacting the lives of hundreds of thousands of young people in Kenya and beyond? Are you user-obsessed and want to champion a user-centered culture in a young product team? This role is for you! 




  • 3+ years of professional experience in community management or similar roles that involved a significant component of online communication.   
  • Experience working directly with MESH target audience and/or ability to demonstrate strong understanding of this audience, i.e., young Kenyan (18–35-year-old) in the informal sector who are managing multiple hustles and are trying to start/grow their micro-business.  
  • Fluency in English, Swahili, and Sheng.  
  • Significant experience in Kenya 
  • Strong empathy, communication, facilitation and people-skills, ability to create great rapports and relationships with users.  
  • Performance-driven with super-hero work ethic, ability to work in autonomy, take initiatives and deliver on time.  
  • Specific experience as Community Manager in the context of a social networking platform is preferred.  
  • Bachelors degree from a leading university, in a relevant field (communication, marketing, digital marketing, writing, social sciences) 
  • Start-up experience and/or experience working in small, lean teams, with a get-it-done attitude and comfortable with change.  



Interested? Then apply through our website/careers page by 22nd June 2022 

Shujaaz Inc is an equal opportunity employer. 

Apply by 22nd June 2022 

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